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In the world of tension and turmoil, the flames of hatred, discord and disharmony are seen spreading in different parts of the globe. Mankind is in a state of despair, Everywhere there is a call for peace. Human history showswhen ever there was degeneration in the society, God sent his messenger to dispell darkness, To lead the errant humanity towards the path of truth, love and humanishm and to establish the kingdom of righteousness. Today again, the Mankind is drifting towards destruction. Everywhere, the people are praying to God to send his Messenger to redeem the morbid society. Sant Nirankari Mission piloted by His Holiness - Nirankari Baba - provides the ray of hope to the misguided humanity.

The unique mission is disseminating spritual knowledge (brahm gyan) and preaching the doctrines of love. Light and universal brotherhood ammong all people in the world. The truth expounded by the nirankari baba is exactly the same as revealed by the prophets and the great gurus from time to time. Nirankari Mission's philosophy is One God, One Religion and One Human Race. The Nirankari One allegiance to all the prophets and great gurus and show equal respect to all the sacred scriptures. Nirankari baba proclaims :

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